Brandon Stevens loves gumbo

He grew up eating for special occasions like family get togethers, and sunday dinner, along with plenty of grits. His Grandfather was Joe was born in St. Louis, and, after leaving home at a young age, ended up working up on railroad dining cars.

He joined the military to serve our Country in World War II. When they discovered he wasn't 18, he was let go for being too young. Undettered, his uncle reinlisted, this time with written permission from his Uncle.

At the time, duties for Blacks who served in the Armed forces were limited cooking and labor. Brandon's Grandfather eventually settled near Fort Ord in Monterey Bay. He would cook at home,

and eventually became the first black manager at Denny's. A traveling district manager, a role which took him all over California.

He purchased a Denny's Restaurant's and eventually he opened his own concept with Stagecoach restaurant. It served his Southern style dinners like Liver and Onions, Stuffed Cabbage, and other Creole inspired dishes.

His son, Chef Brandon's Father went to help, Met Brandon's mother. The tradition of Restaurant Management continued with Chef Brandon Steven's work in the family business since age 12.

He transitioned to a successful career in Corporate Restaurant Management, but couldn't stop thinking about how to make Southern dishes he grew up with.